The Robert Alderman Youth Initiative is inspired by the life and values of Robert, aka “Bobby”, Alderman. Unfortunately, on January 14, 2021 Bobby became an angel. However, he left an impact on every person that came into his life. Bobby always wanted to positively influence the lives of youth. He wanted to help them stay away from things that could ruin their lives or that could steer them in the wrong direction. He believed in the empowerment of youth and the importance of encouraging them to pursue any dream they may have. Bobby believed in accepting everyone as an equal human being with vast potentials, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or any barrier or stereotype that people pit against each other.

Thus, the Robert Alderman Youth Initiative is focused on empowering youth around the world through permanent sports programs. Bobby believed that sports teach commitment, responsibility, teamwork, effort, hard-work, and so many more important characteristics that will eventually mold the youth into model citizens and future leaders.

Bobby’s name is carved on the hearts of every person he met and onto the hearts of those who the Robert Alderman Youth Initiative will impact.

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