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Mar 27, 2022
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Upon the 45th anniversary of “Rocky,” it’s time to dive into the massive bombshells and videotape evidence uncovered from the lawsuit courageous Patriots Leah Hoopes, Gregory Stenstrom and Ruth Moton filed to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2020 election.

I think many people are tired of covering up who they really are and being censored. I know I am. This has been a time of rebirth for myself, and I also feel it has been a time of rebirth for America and mankind as a whole. I have been embracing a lot of things, including how my own birth occurred and, more specifically, where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And this is the second installment of my series of articles based around my own experiences with Philadelphia, and the struggles of the city itself and the state of Pennsylvania as a whole.

I began to recall when my mother introduced me to the classic movie franchise Rocky (from what I have read, most people who seemed to get introduced to Rocky by their father or some other male figure, but in my case it was my mom), and she told me it was the most fantastic love story ever. Back then, it didn’t click with me that Philadelphia was my birthplace. I enjoyed the Rocky movies then, but had I known that it took place in the city in which I was born, I have no doubt the movies would have made an even greater impact on me.

At a certain point in December 2021, I realized I would be passing through the city of Brotherly Love, and I have never done a run up the Rocky stairs, as so many people have. And when I was on my way there, I came across the 45thanniversary of Rocky Balboa edition of Life Magazine and felt compelled to purchase a copy. And I proceeded to run up the Rocky stairs, get it on video and then come back home and read the magazine cover to cover. This quote stuck out to me more than anything:

Leah Hoopes: The Delaware County Freedom Fighter

Shortly thereafter, I watched the recent interview of Pennsylvania Patriot, poll watcher and activist Leah Hoopes, conducted on by citizen journalist vloggers’ Nick Moseder and Behizy. And suddenly I realized I had another Philadelphia fighter right before my very eyes. And the fact that she isn’t a household name is almost more criminal than the fraudulent 2020 election and corruption that she has been fighting so hard against.

To make the experience even more apropos, Hoopes had a huge Rocky poster behind her, with Sylvester Stallone standing on the top of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (the very steps I had just run up myself). And to be a bit more precise, she’s more of a Delaware County, Pennsylvania fighter than a Philadelphia fighter. But once Behizy realized that all the corruption she and her peers uncovered was just from Delaware County, he said during the interview “we’re not even in Philadelphia County yet. What happened there?” And Hoopes replied, “That’s a whole different beast.”

In my last article in this series, Philadelphia Freedom Shot Misinformation Right Between the Eyes, I discussed how the Zuckerberg-funded non-profit, the Center for Tech and Civic Life, purchases drop boxes that were heavily concentrated in left-leaning Delaware County. And Hoopes corroborates: “Delaware County is the fifth largest county in Pennsylvania. We also house 46 percent of the drop boxes of the entire state.” In the interview with Hoopes, Moseder noted that Delaware County was the last county to report their vote counts on Election Day in 2020, saying that “Trump was in the lead by 7,000 and then Delaware County reports their numbers and the discrepancy between Biden and Trump was like 88,000-plus [votes] for Biden…and then Biden was able to clear the margin for victory.”

As you can see, Delaware County probably needed a conservative fighter even more than Philadelphia. But while these transgressions may have taken place on a larger scale in Delaware County than some of the other counties in the state, it’s become more and more apparent that the corrupt election officials involved in the widespread fraud left no stone unturned. As the evidence continues to pour out, just in the past week or so on March 20th a video was released by the Gateway Pundit showing over 100 people in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania stuffing multiple ballots in ballot boxes, over the course of only a few hours.

Hoopes is one of the masterminds behind this monster lawsuit against Delaware County, which contains what I would consider to be the most damning videotape evidence I have seen of the massive fraud that was strewn across the United States six swing states and beyond in the 2020 election. Her fellow plaintiffs are the equally brave and Patriotic Greg Stenstrom (who is a data scientist and former naval officer that Hoopes recruited for her watchdog group back in 2020) and Ruth Moton (a former Delaware County Congressional candidate who allegedly lost in 2020).

The Grassroots Level: Where it all Must Begin

I think it’s very important to examine how Hoopes got to where she is, becoming this involved in the fight for election integrity (or, as Hoopes herself puts it: “I don’t know why they call it election integrity, it’s just fraud, plain and simple,”). Because this is something every American needs to hear, especially the people sitting around complaining about the state of our nation, while at the same time trying to tear down anyone that tries to take action, by saying it “won’t do any good,” that they should “just let [the crimes] go, get over it, etc.” These seem to be common words and phrases that myself and many people I have spoken to have heard in the past year and a half.

“I started to notice that my county was turning for the worst, and I wanted to get involved obviously,” said Hoopes in the interview with Moseder and Behizy. “And I became a committee woman for the Republican Party and you know, I did my good little deeds and knocked on doors and did my duty and got my pats on the back.” She then said that when COVID-19, or the “Kung Flu” as she refers to it, occurred, “I had just run a second amendment rally and then, boom, we got closed [due to lockdowns] and I stayed out there, I was going to all the Re-Open PA rallies in Harrisburg and all I did for a solid year was network, network, network.”

The Power of ‘We the People’

In 2020, Hoopes formed a watchdog group with eight people in total. Hoopes says that at that point “we were hellbent to uncover what was going on in our county, and we had just flipped after 150 years of being Republican, flipped to [a Democratic state] in 2020.” Her watchdog group began digging, uncovering background information that explained how all these key people behind the elections were put into place, from the Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer’s donations from George Soros, to the inexperienced voting machine supervisor Jim Savage’s background as a Democrat operative.

In Delaware County, PA, It’s the Coverup That Gets You

Now back in November, I reported on some of the key details of the lawsuits that Hoopes and her fellow plaintiffs have brought up against Delaware County. Here they are below:

In the Spring of 2021, a Right-to-Know Request (FOIA) was filed for the return sheets and voting machine tapes for all of Delaware County. And this is when the alleged coverup began. A whistleblower named Regina Miller, who worked as a contract employee for Delaware County (and for the sake of simplicity, I will refer to her as “whistleblower Miller” throughout the rest of the article) managed to capture several Delaware County election officials on videotape destroying evidence. On camera, these officials - which include Director of Election Operations for Delaware County James Allen, Chief Custodian and Voting Machine Warehouse Supervisor Jim Savage, Delaware County lawyer Tom Gallagher and James Ziegelhoffer, aka “Ziggy,” whose title is “Judge of Election” for the Western Precinct in the Media Borough - can be seen and heard saying and doing a range of suspicious things including:

·      In a conversation between Allen and Savage:

Allen: “Then get rid of the pads and the second scanners.”

Savage: “We can’t talk about it anymore.”

Allen: “Why?”

Savage: “It’s a felony.”

·      In another conversation between Allen and Savage, where they are conspiring to create a second set of records for future FOIA requests:

Savage: “I’ve decided to re-create it…(crosstalk) re-create it by hand.”

Allen: “Re-create one for these jokers right? And then create another set for the next set of jokers, but we cut it up…and then we create a permanent record that we always be like, here ya go!”

·      In a conversation between Ziggy and Gallagher, as they are seen destroying voting machine proof tapes, along with other records from the 2020 election:

Whistleblower: “Tom, why do you have to rip it up? Makes you feel better?”

Gallagher: “At this point, I don’t want anybody to pick it up, and thinking we threw stuff away.”

Ziggy: “We’re gonna have a little campfire going.”

YouTube Screenshot of Jim Savage discussing how to recreate 2020 election results

The Federalist reported that along with the videos, which were provided by a source close to the lawsuit, there was a 91-page complaint that laid out a litany of allegations from the plaintiffs regarding alarming behaviors and events they witnessed during the 2020 election. The plaintiffs include several Delaware County residents: Leah Hoopes, Gregory Stenstrom, Ruth Moton and the Friends of Ruth Moton campaign. The allegations included a comprehensive account of a variety of situations where election law appeared to be broken, along with claims of a conspiracy following the 2020 election to hide these transgressions.

In a video from Election Investigation Law, Hoopes, Stenstrom and whistleblower Miller, some of the problems they saw that led them to file the lawsuit. Hoopes recalled that “The scanner was reversing ballots. It was reversing, I would say, at least…uh…like anywhere between 50 and 70 votes.” Hoopes said this was the rate of ballot reversal within the first hour, and continued throughout the whole day. The person responsible for issues with the voting equipment was the Voting Machine Warehouse Supervisor, James Savage, who was one of the officials identified above in the videos showing the alleged coverup. “He arrived to our precinct about 2 and a half hours after we opened,” Hoopes recounts. “And he told us that the ballot bar codes were deformed. When he arrived, he arrived with three other gentlemen, and when they arrived at the poll to try to address the situation, he did not troubleshoot anything, he just made a statement and he did not replace anything. And there was no work done on any of the scanners.”

In the video, Hoopes then goes on to explain how she witnessed Savage on November 5, 2020, walk into the counting center by himself. He then stepped into the back room, and when he came back out he was holding several V-Drives (which contain a record of the ballots cast). “…and I had watched him stand over top a gentleman with a blue, light blue shirt on. He had asked him to log into the computer system which was the tabulation area. And that’s when Jim Savage was plugging V-Drives into the computer.”

Witness and fellow lawsuit plaintiff Gregory Stenstrom corroborates Hoopes’ account of watching Savage plugging the V-Drives into the computer. “I watched him. I testified to it. It’s just clear. It flipped the vote by 50,000 votes.” And the whistleblower observed some other concerning behavior on Stenstrom’s part. “During the training, Jim Savage held up in his hand a fairly large V-Drive key. And he said ‘this is extremely important. This controls all the votes. This is how the machine runs this. You can change an election with this.’” And concerns over Savage’s behavior were intensified even more since he has been a lifelong Democrat that has worked for lawmakers such as Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders, and he once stated on social media that all he wanted for Christmas was “Donald Trump in handcuffs.”

In the Election Investigation Law video, Stenstrom and whistleblower Miller also express their concerns over the large-scale lack of completed return sheets. “A return sheet in Pennsylvania tells you that you received X amount of blank provisional ballots…actual ballots…how many spoiled ballots that you have…and then all of the numbers add up and just like a checkbook, everything has to add up,” explains the whistleblower. “And out of 428 precincts, over 200 did not fill out their return sheet or properly fill out their return sheet.” Stenstrom refers to return sheets as “the ground truth for what happened in the election,” and confirms the whistleblower’s claims. “They lied under oath and they certified a vote that they knew was fraudulent.”

Nick Moseder and Behizy Dig Deeper into Delaware County

So now fast forward to the interview I mentioned earlier that just took place at the end of January, between citizen journalist vloggers Nick Moseder and Behizy, who interviewed Leah Hoopes herself. They really delved deeply into the history of Hoopes’ public service, and how the watchdog group and lawsuits came to be. And as it turns out, there were two lawsuits filed: The first one Hoopes, Stenstrom and Moton filed in December of 2020, and that was before they had any of the whistleblower evidence. The second lawsuit was just filed in January of 2022, and this includes the videotape evidence of criminal cover ups from lawmakers, courtesy of the whistleblower Miller.

Jim Savage: Delaware County DA’s ‘Progressive Shield’ and ‘Buffer’

In the video interview that Hoopes had with Behizy and Moseder, new videos from whistleblower Miller were presented (obviously we have yet to see all the video evidence, since they must preserve certain items for the court, but from what has been revealed it seems to be a slam dunk case). In one video, Jim Savage discusses how the Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer owes him favors, and Savage refers to himself as the DA’s “progressive shield” and “buffer.” Now, this gentleman Jim Savage is a guy who, as Hoopes discussed and evidence shows, whose political ties run very deep, having formerly served as the head of the Democratic National Convention, been President of the Steelworkers Union in Philadelphia, and an arrestee for Occupy Philadelphia. And he is in charge of all the voting machines in Delaware County, despite, as Hoopes mentioned, having no prior experience that we know of that involved dealing with this kind of equipment.

According to Hoopes, Delaware County poll worker coordinator Christina Iacono, who is captured in at least one of the whistleblowers’ videos, sent out a letter approximately 9 days post-election demanding that 300+ poll workers return missing election material. Hoopes said there was a whole list of things missing, which included return sheets, proof sheets, etc. And Hoopes said this letter requested that people come back to the voting machine warehouse to return these missing materials, and that there were poll workers that never showed up to do so.

The Delaware County DA: Where Missing Evidence Goes to Die

The letter about the missing election materials give context to another video captured by whistleblower Miller and shown in the interview Moseder and Behizy had with Hoopes at the end of January. Here we can also see where these potential political “favors” that Savage mentioned above come into play, as far as the Delaware County DA is concerned. In the video, election worker “Ziggy” is discussing a plot to recreate the missing V-Drives, and when the whistleblower asked him about the missing machine tapes, Ziggy said “There was enough…pretty much there was enough information on what tapes. Now, the people that never came?” and then when the whistleblower asks what happened to the people that never came Ziggy replies “They were reported to the DA. After that, I don’t [inaudible].”

And then when the whistleblower asked about what was done with those return sheets, Ziggy suggested that Laureen (Hoopes clarified that he was referring to Laureen Hagan, Chief Clerk, Bureau of Elections for Delaware County), would be the one to know that but “I’m assuming they just never got them.”

Christina Iacono, the poll worker coordinator mentioned earlier who sent out the letter requesting election materials, appears in another video from the whistleblower, which Moseder and Behizy also played during the interview. In this video, Iacono is with Delaware County attorney Tom Gallagher, where they are discussing removable V-Drives, which hold the election results obtained from each voting machine, and are supposed to be under strict chain of custody procedures, with every hand that touches the piece of equipment, and every movement that it makes being documented.

But in the video, Gallagher is saying how Laureen (Hagan, the Chief Clerk mentioned above) took the V-Drives and “dumped them in a bag,” and then “puts it on top of the hood of her car, this is the second day, I won’t even tell you what she did the first day.” Gallagher then discusses how Loreen said “we don’t have anything for [precinct] Chester 11, we don’t have [inaudible…” Then, when the whistleblower replies that there was no inventory either, Gallagher seems to agree and says, “And we had no idea what we were getting.” This appears to corroborate what Stenstrom said in his testimony in Gettysburg back in November of 2020, how “47 USB cards are missing, and they are nowhere to be found.”

Gregory Stenstrom testimony Gettysburg November 2020 Image Credit:

And still, at a county council meeting that just took place on January 12, 2022, one member of the council named Christine Reuther boldly denied that there were any missing V-Drives and that the claims and evidence from the lawsuit filed by Hoopes, Stenstrom and Moton had been “debunked” and it had all been “addressed in court.”

More Legal Standing than People Standing in Line for COVID Tests

“It’s like a cycle, right, it’s like a whole circle. It goes to one person, they pass it off to the next person, and nothing actually happens. The truth gets concealed,” said Behizy during the interview, observing how these cover ups have been orchestrated.

Moseder said in the interview that he has hope for this particular election-related lawsuit because “unlike a lot of these other cases, you guys have filed this in a unique way, where you addressed the whole ‘standing’ issue pretty thoroughly. [The courts will] use, ‘well you didn’t live in that county,’ or ‘you didn’t run in the elections, you weren’t the one that was injured.’” But Moseder pointed out that it’s obvious that as plaintiffs, Hoopes, Stenstrom and Moton have plenty of judicial standing. “You guys have a plaintiff [in Ruth Moton, a Delaware County House of Representatives candidate who allegedly lost] who was actually on the ballot, you all were registered voters who voted in the November 3rd election, in the county…you know these are things that have caused other [legal] cases to die.” Behizy agreed, saying “We have more standing that people standing in line for COVID tests.”

Jim Savage’s Defamation Lawsuit Dance Leads to Discovery

Part of the beauty of how the lawsuits were filed lies in what occurred after the first lawsuit filed back in December of 2020, which had solid evidence and testimony but lacked the video evidence later provided by whistleblower Miller. Savage retaliated after this first lawsuit by filing defamation lawsuits against Hoopes, Stenstrom, along with Donald Trump and his legal team (which included Rudy Giuliani) etc. Since the courts threw out the first lawsuit filed by Hoopes and her peers, Savage figured he was in the clear.

“All I can say is this is God’s doing, in every aspect,” Hoopes said in her interview with Moseder and Behizy. “When [Savage filed the defamation lawsuit] in October 2021, he opened up yet another avenue for us to submit evidence.” And here’s where Philadelphia comes in, yet again: “[Savage] filed [the defamation lawsuit] in Philadelphia County, of all places, which I don’t live in, nor does he, so of course you know, he used to work in Philly, he was a union boss and stuff, so they have the whole connection. But all he did was open up an avenue for us to submit more evidence, and make him look like a liar, which he is.”

Here are a few more important points that were brought up in the interview conducted by Moseder and Behizy, regarding evidence gathered by Hoopes and her peers that filed the lawsuit:

·      Delaware County project manager Christine Perrone was paid $50,000 in November 2021 for 6 weeks of work, and $100,000 for five months of work related to the May 2021 primary election. This is the same Christine Perrone who whistleblower Miller caught on videotape during an April 7, 2021 Zoom meeting with election workers, laughing “So, we’re going to actually follow the law fully this time.”

·      All GOP poll watchers were blocked from going into the backroom where the counting took place on November 3, 2020, and a court order had to be filed in order for poll watcher Stenstrom, who is a data scientist that Hoopes recruited to her watchdog team in May 2020, and others to get into the back room. I discussed in my last articlethe good ole boy and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s rationale behind this: He simply stated that the GOP poll watchers intend on intimidating “voters in black and brown communities” and therefore “we’re going to hold anyone accountable who shows up to the polls at President Trump‘s behest or anyone else’s to try and intimidate voters at the polls, particularly in our minority communities. We simply will not allow it.” Sounds perfectly sound and reasonable, right?

·      During the November 2020 election hearing in Gettysburg, PA, poll watcher and lawsuit plaintiff Stenstrom testified that when he did get access to the back room he saw approximately 70,000 unopened mail-in ballots in boxes, after all the counting had been completed. In the interview, Moseder and Hoopes discussed how there were other poll watchers, including a Democrat, who also said they saw thousands of unopened ballots.

·      Stenstrom also testified at the Gettysburg hearing that at the counting center in Chester, PA, he watched election workers fail to follow any chain of custody procedures, participate in a “forensically destructive” process, and that Delaware County failed to follow any of their own election procedures.

Persistence Pays Off

Behizy made an excellent point regarding Hoopes’ and the other Patriots fighting alongside her: “We have to be persistent, we can’t just say ‘What’s gonna be done about it anyways.’ Well how would we know we would get these people in these rooms admitting to breaking laws if we never kept being consistent. If you [referring to Hoopes] said after the hearings [in Gettysburg in November 2020] ‘Nothing happened, I don’t care about this anymore,’ you just moved on mentally, we wouldn’t be here.”

Moseder encouraged viewers to make donations to Hoopes and the organization behind their lawsuit, Election Investigation Law. Moseder referred to Hoopes and her peers as the “unsung heroes behind the scenes” and said that while other investigations such as the Arizona full forensic audit and the Cyber Symposium were making more noise, it was Hoopes and her peers that were truly “bringing the heat” in the fight against election fraud.

You can view all of the whistleblower videos, and legal documents behind this case, at

To stay up to date with all these developments such as the Delaware County lawsuit, also please considering subscribing to Nick Moseder on and Behizy on

A Final Note on Rocky, Apollo and Creed

When I saw the Life Magazine cover for the 45th anniversary of Rocky, another thing that stood out was where it said “Creed: The Spirit Lives On.” I had just happened to have been listening to more of the Christian band Creed than I ever have in my life and had been hoping they would reunite. This was after I pondered why they were never given the recognition I thought they should receive, and after doing a little digging I became disgusted by the treatment their lead singer Scott Stapp received by the public and media following his struggle with drugs and alcohol. My 8th grade Catholic school graduation song was “Higher” by Creed and though I hated middle school, I have come to appreciate the tune as an excellent song with a positive spiritual message. And though the Life Magazine cover referred to Apollo Creed, Rocky’s archrival-turned-friend-and-coach, I couldn’t help but see a double meaning in the phrase “Creed: The Spirit Lives On.”

And then as I pondered the term “Apollo Creed,” I remembered that Apollo is the Greek god of art and music. While I do not worship Greek gods, art and music have been a lifeline for me, and I am sure many others, through the mayhem these past couple of years have brought in the world. And then I thought about the amazing interview I got to do of my grandfather last year, and how I learned more than I ever had about his work in the space program, doing communications for RCA when they developed satellites for the spaceships. And around that same time I became blessed with a gift from him, which was an item I came across while cleaning his basement: A set of matchbooks from the Apollo space missions.

I Can See the Eagles Flying Higher and Higher

I want to finish this piece with another quick story about another Philadelphia underdog: the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team. I have never been much into football, or the Super Bowl. But once I began to embrace the place I was born, several years ago in 2018 I ended up watching the Super Bowl with my mother and grandparents, and the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots. This was the first and only time I actually cared about who won any football game and was engaged in watching it from beginning to end.

It was so sudden, how I made the connection between my birth and the team that was playing. It was such an exciting and close game. And at half time, I will never forget, I got in the car with my mother to drive her home and that song “St. Elmo’s Fire” came on the radio. That is one of my mother’s favorite songs, so I turned up the volume and then when I heard that line “I can see the Eagles flying higher and higher,” I knew exactly why that song was playing. By the time we made it home, the Eagles had won.  

When I think of that memorable day, I cannot help but also think of my favorite Bible verse in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 40 verse 31: “But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.” And this seems to be what Leah Hoopes is experiencing, in what she refers to as the “David and Goliath situation” herself and her fellow plaintiffs in the lawsuit are facing.

In the interview with Moseder and Behizy, Hoopes discussed how challenging this fight to restore fair elections in her state has been – “we have been intimidated by everyone…everyone, called liars, frauds, gaslighted…we have paid financial - I could go on for days, time away from family. And despite all this, Hoopes said “it’s pretty fantastic, though that all of us have come together to fight and fix our country so that we can have fair elections.” She strongly feels that in the end, her fight will all be worth the effort “because that’s the only way we get back our Constitutional Republic.”

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