From the Quicksands of Mainstream Media and Big Tech, Patriots Take the Country Back


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Dec 8, 2021
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A review of the latest updates in the nationwide movement to give the government back to the people.

On October 16, an uplifting event was put together by Audit the Vote PA, and featured speakers Professor David Clements and physicist Dr. Douglas G. Frank, who have both been fearless Patriotic leaders of the movement to expose the deep-seated corruption that has slowly infiltrated our country and fight for lasting change. Professor Clements pointed out the stark fact that so few people in this country are aware of. Clements reminded everyone how following the 2020 election, all it took was a simple statement from the CISA quoting DHS Cyber Director Chris Krebs who called the November 3rd election “the most secure in American history” and the insult-laden dismissal of a Trump campaign lawsuit by an Obama-appointed judge to convince a large number of Americans to stop questioning the election results.

“While we know there are many unfounded claims and opportunities for misinformation about the process of our elections, we can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should too. When you have questions, turn to elections officials as trusted voices as they administer elections,” the CISA statement claimed.

But what the statement was missing was how they came to these matter-of-fact conclusions, why these election officials should be trusted, and too many people didn’t deem it necessary to do further research. Since then, that DHS statement has been exposed as having questionable credibility, with revelations that included the Epoch Times’ bombshell discovery that Dominion Voting Machines had employees on the CISA council (which many would say is a conflict of interest), and the recent indictment of two Iranian nationals for interfering in the 2020 election.

“The legal system has been weaponized against us,” stated Clements to the audience during an Audit the Vote PA event that took place last month on October 6 in Millvale, PA. “It’s not up to the government to decide whether the affidavits are credible, it’s up to the people.” He said that election fraud isn’t even the country’s biggest issue, that we have all the election fraud evidence we could ever need and “now it’s time to our country back.”

The quicksands of the Mainstream Media and Big Tech have been doing a great job sucking down the facts that have come out recently. So let’s do a stark examination on the latest updates in the movement for nationwide election audits and exposure of our deeply flawed and corrupt government system that we face today.

Arizona Will be the First Domino to Fall

First, we have Arizona. Arizona set the gold standard by conducting the first full forensic election audit in American history. The catalyst that spurred the Arizona State Senate, led by Karen Fann, to vote to hire third-party company Cyber Ninjas to conduct a full forensic audit of the 2020 general election was the demands of thousands of concerned Arizona citizens who had lost faith in their elections and refused to back down. One of the primary goals was to set a new standard of thoroughness and transparency and will serve as a template going forward. In the Arizona Protocol Election Integrity document available for download on, the main goals of the forensic audit were outlined:

· Verifying the accuracy of security measures used for election integrity. If gaps are found, actions will be identified that can be taken to correct and fill the gaps legislatively.

· Provide sufficient transparency to the electorate to ensure confidence and accuracy in the election process.

· Hold our elected officials in charge of administering elections accountable. To quote President Ronald Reagan: “Trust but verify.”

The vote total discrepancies produced by the audit weren’t anything significant: A 994 vote difference for the presidential race and 1,161 vote difference in the U.S Senate Race, according to Cyber Ninjas (the Florida-based company hired by the state Senate to conduct the audit). There were, however, potential issues found with 53,305 ballots.  And the results reported that indeed many gaps were found. Below are some of the major findings from the audit:

1) 23,344 Mail-In Ballots Voted from Prior Address

2) 9,041 More Ballots Returned by Voters than Sent

3) Voters that Potentially voted in multiple counties

4) 17,322 duplicates of early voting ballots return envelopes

5) Allegations of deletions of files that would have been used in the audit to analyze the 2020 election.

And in a September 24th Senate hearing, CyFIR, the firm that conducted the machine audit, was able to demonstrate that the ballot machines are capable of connecting to the Internet. They also provided time and date stamps as well as IP addresses to show that the machines in fact accessed the Internet during the November 2020 general election, according an article from the Palmieri Report, which provides links to videos of this hearing. But you don’t have to take the auditor’s word for it. There’s a video montage that shows numerous Democratic lawmakers, including Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Ron Wyden, expressing concerns over our voting machines’ lack of security and ability to be hacked to alter the outcome of an election.

It’s important to note that Maricopa County has refuted some of these irregularities with possible explanations.  For example, military members voting from overseas could explain some of the voters that used previous addresses, which is legal. And Maricopa County officials said that some of the instances involving voters with multiple ballots was a result staff working with voters to secure a questionable signature, and only one ballot was counted. But on the same token, since Biden won Arizona with just under 11,000 votes, this also raises reasonable concerns for those that were shocked when FOX News called Arizona for Biden in the early morning hours of November 4.

And furthermore, it’s not like the credibility of Maricopa County officials has never come into question. In September 2020 The Arizona Supreme Court issued a ruling against Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes when he tried to create to make changes involving the upcoming election that disregard state law. According to the AZ Mirror, Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes tried to create his own election rule allowing which instructed voters to cross out mistake on their ballot if they vote for the wrong candidate. State law requires that when voters make mistakes like this, county recorders instruct voters ask for a new ballot. “The Recorder appears to overlook the important purpose underlying the Overvote Instruction: to enable elections officials to discern the intent of the voter in the clearest manner possible, and thereby safeguard the integrity of the election, by striving for clean ballots with single selections for each contest,” are the words that were used in the Amicus Brief for the September 2020 ruling. “Permitting the unlawful New Instruction to be included in the General Election will cause irreparable harm not only to Appellants, but to all voters, will result in significant hardships to state and national election results, and is repugnant to public policy considerations.”

These findings of potential fraud from the full forensic audit in Arizona, as well as potentially illegal obstruction of the forensic audit by Maricopa County officials, are now in the hands of the Attorney General Mark Brnovich. He is doing his own investigation, which, to be done thoroughly and accurately, will take time.

“Our job is policy. Our job is to make laws, make sure they’re working, and change or update laws as necessary,” said Arizona Senate President Fann in an interview on November 1. “It is the Attorney General’s office’s to enforce those laws. So, we are on a dual path now. We have turned everything we have, so far, over to the Attorney General.”

The Old Sweet Song of Georgia

Georgia has racked up a slew of legal issues over election integrity, going back years. Just ask Garland Favorito, IT professional and co-founder of the non-profit organization VoterGA, which has filed lawsuits involving voter rights which go back as far as 2006. And since the 2020 election, they continue to fight, despite constant pushback from Georgia government officials including Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp.

VoterGA’s most recent press conference took place on November 9, 2020, where Favorito gave an update on the organization’s current litigation battles. On August 24, 2021 VoterGA announced they were joining with Georgia State Representative Philip Singleton in a legal petition to ban Georgia’s Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 Voting System. Last year, the U.S. District Court of Northern Georgia ruled that the Dominion voting system was in violation of Georgia law. A status update on the case set for November 22 established that the case will be moving forward.

The Endless Fight to Examine the Ballots from the 2020 Fulton County General Election

On December 24, 2020 a group of Georgia voters from around the state organized by VoterGA filed an emergency lawsuit against the Fulton County Elections Director and Election Board members.  The lawsuit included numerous affidavits and outlined evidence of a small group of workers at State Farm Arena illegally scanned thousands of secretly hidden mail-in ballots during the November 3rd election night. Two of the affidavits showed that after monitors were told scanning had ended for the day and they could leave, the scanning of allegedly illegal ballots began in violation of Georgia law. To corroborate, there is an election night feed that shows an unprecedented vote spike that occurred right after the scanning of allegedly illegal ballots occurred, which reversed the election in favor of Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

There are also four experienced hand count monitors who provided four affidavits claiming they handled potentially counterfeit ballots. The ballots, a total of between 20,000 and 30,000 of them, had several irregularities. Here are the concerns that led these hand count monitors to this conclusion: the paper seemed different, along with the folds and bubble-in markings, and some of the ballots only included options to vote for the President and the Senate and had all the other public servant positions missing.

On March 15, 2021, after three months of fighting in court, independent voter analyst Garland Favorito received a favorable ruling in his quest to gain access to 150,000 of Fulton County’s mail-in ballots. The judge in the case ruled that these 30,000 suspected counterfeit ballots must be analyzed. Petitioners were granted conditional approval to inspect the ballots pending submission of a plan and list of inspectors. In a conversation I had with Favorito, he confirmed these conditions have been met successfully since then. Petitioners were also granted access to all Fulton County mail-in ballot images produced by the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 voting systems, which have been raising concerns in several swing states since the 2020 election.

But then VoterGA was met with more roadblocks to get access to these physical ballots. In response, Secretary of State Raffensperger filed an amicus brief backing Fulton County election officials to deny the activists access to the paper records. Raffensperger said in an “effort to protect the public’s interest,” he would only allow access to the ballot images and not the physical ballots themselves. One of several reasons given was that “allowing petitioners to conduct their scan on uncertified and unknown equipment is contrary to law and would set a new and dangerous precedent going forward.”

Then on May 24, 2021, VoterGA had their third victory in this ballot inspection case, when the court upheld Petitioners’ Constitutional rights to inspect the Fulton County mail-in ballots that were in question, despite the opposing Amicus Brief from Attorney General (AG) Chris Carr and Secretary of State (SOS) Brad Raffensperger seeking to stop the inspection. The amicus brief was found to have false claims by the Petitioners response brief and a second Amicus Brief filed by the Tea Party Patriots Foundation and Filipino Latino Asian Movement for Empowerment.

Also in May 24 court hearing, forensic expert David Sawyer testified on behalf of the petitioners, identifying a variety of major inconsistencies from the hand count audit performed by the Secretary of State’s Office. Sawyer, who is a certified fraud examiner who previously worked on forensic audits at Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Ernst and Young, compared the information provided on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website from their risk limited audit, and compared it to the scanned ballots provided by Fulton County. He testified that there were 1,539 batched produced of the scanned image ballots, but the SOS office’s risk limited audit only counted 1,283 batches.

Sawyer’s analysis also found that there were combined batches in the risk limited audit (which contained more than the 100 ballots a batch is supposed to have), batches counted twice, and sequence breaks in the numbers that indicated there were some batches missing.  He concluded that there was a ballot scanning error rate of about 21 percent, and that there should have been a total of 1,630 batches counted, which is 347 more than the 1,283 batches counted in the SOS’s risk limited audit.

But afterwards, the judge for the VoterGA Fulton County ballot inspections case ruled that the petitioners had no standing to protect their constitutional rights under the Georgia Constitution.  The reasoning he gave was that there was no “particularized injury.” VoterGA has appealed. Considering the fact that the judge has continued to rule in Favorito’s favor throughout the hearings, VoterGA is confident that the chances of winning this appeal are rather strong.

Yet suddenly, in this past week, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced that his office independently researched the findings of 36 inconsistencies found by private citizen Joseph Rossi in the Fulton County ballots, and indeed there is a major issue with this county’s ballots. His findings corroborated Sawyer’s.  Some examples of what was found in the research done by Kemp’s team were double scans of a batch containing 95 votes for Biden and two votes for Trump. There was also a batch that recorded 200 votes for Biden and zero for Trump, when the real vote total was 97 for Biden and 12 for Trump. And there were multiple batches awarding Biden 100 votes and Trump zero, which were found to be inaccurate both in the number of votes for each candidate as well as the vote total. You can find more details about this investigation into the 2020 election here.

Open Records Request Exposes Missing Ballot Images Across Georgia

After Favorito gave updates on these cases at the press conference, he then made an announcement regarding new evidence VoterGA had obtained as a result of Open Records Requests (ORR) made by the organization’s volunteers: 74 Georgia counties have failed to produce original ballot images from the 2020 election. These images are created automatically by the Dominion system in order for results to be tabulated. At least 28 counties responded with no original images at all, and 22 of those 28 counties only had recount images that some claimed were the same as the original.  However, due to issues such as lack of original time stamps or original meta data and risk of tampering, recount images have no audit value. Another 28 counties admitted they do not have a complete set of original images. Finally, there were 18 counties that did not comply with repeated ORRS over a period of two months. This means they either did not respond at all, or required exhorbitantly unnecessary fees for their images, and six of the 18 counties claimed they mailed in images, but the VoterGA team has yet to receive them.

Update: At press time, Favorito informed me that the numbers had changed slightly, that there were now 70 Georgia counties instead of 74 that have failed to produce original ballot images, a few more have come in since the press conference a few weeks ago. Now the breakdown is as follows: 26 counties have no ballot images at all (20 of those 28 counties only had recount images), 28 counties did not have a complete set of original images, and 16 counties have been non-compliant with ORRs (4 never responded, 9 responded but never delivered on the records, 3 responded but their demands and fees were too exorbitant).

The Attempted Suppression of Fulton County Whistleblowers

Among those front and center for the alleged fraud that took place throughout the 2020 general election in Fulton County, Georgia, were two whistleblowers who worked at the polls.  Both of them, raised their concerns to Georgia lawmakers during General Assembly hearings that took place in December 2020, following the November 3rd election. And both were subsequently terminated from their jobs at Fulton County as a result. The first whistleblower was Susan Voyles, who worked as an auditor at the World Congress Center (WCC) during the full hand recount on November 14th and 15th. She testified that she handled potentially fraudulent ballots. Among the indicators that these ballots were possibly counterfeit was the lack of creases that should be there from mailing, abnormal ballot stock paper, and no pen or pencil markings on the ballots.

The second whistleblower was Bridget Thorne, who testified that she took part in pre-election ballot testing that took place on live ballot stock that failed to be properly secured after the ballot tests were run at the World Congress Center (WCC). Recently, Thorne was interviewed by one of the leaders of the Patriot citizen journalist movement, marine veteran Cann Con, on a livestream he aired on his Locals channel.

Meet Marine Vet CannCon and Fulton County Precinct Manager Bridget Thorne

In the almost 1.5-hour interview, Thorne gave a compelling and thorough account of her experience as a county precinct manager (her ninth year doing so) as well as a poll tech for Fulton County, and observations that caused her concern. For starters, exactly two weeks before the election, the workers at both warehouses being used for the election (the warehouse on English Street, along with the Georgia WCC) had to be quarantined due to a COVID outbreak. Thorne says that her understanding was that four workers tested positive for the virus, but they had to quarantine many others because of contact tracing. The total amount of people quarantined was somewhere between 24 to 26 people, Thorne recalls.

What’s particularly interesting about this is that Dominque OIimo, the Dominion employee assigned to Fulton County, and Mike Prendergast from the Elections Group were among the employees in the warehouse, but for some reason were not subjected to the quarantine. Control over the Fulton County election was then turned over to voting machine vendor Dominion Systems, and the company was given keys to both warehouses.

Several temp agencies were used by Dominion to bring in workers that had no training or experience with elections. Also, this allowed Dominion to circumvent the residency requirement that would otherwise apply for someone to work elections in Fulton County. Thorne recalled several instances where there were many employees signed in to work, but the actual number of people that were physically there and doing their assigned job was much lower.

As a poll tech, Thorne’s job was to print test ballots at test ballot printing stations during logic and accuracy testing (L&A testing), which began on Tuesday October 26 2020 at the warehouse. She notes that these test ballots were no different from real ballots: same paper, same machines, same everything. 21 test ballots had to be printed out per precinct.  There are over 250 precincts in Georgia, and since some of them are split, it’s really more like 350 precincts, according to Thorne. And since 21 ballots had to be printed out per precinct, this meant that more than 7,000 ballots were printed in the process overall. There was no process or procedure in place to spoil ballots, “So these test ballots were floating around and then they would lose them and we would have to print another deck of test ballots,” said Thorne.

Since L&A testing was new to Fulton County, Thorne wasn’t familiar with it, but the purpose of it is to test all of the voting machines, also known as ballot marking devices (BMDs) with every precinct’s style of ballot. Yet, only 6 BMDs were used to print out all the test ballots.

The test ballots were not marked in any way to signify that they were not real ballots, and Thorne describes the procedures carried out by Dominion and the temp workers they hired as “very loose” and disorganized. And though Thorne was well aware that things were not right, and had poll techs reporting on these irregular procedures to her, “I had no authority in the warehouse [as a precinct manager], there wasn’t much I could say…the Dominion people were running it and we just had to do what they said,” With obvious exasperation, Thorne recalled how alarmed she was over the excessive lack of security protocols.

On Friday, October 30, early voting concluded in Fulton County, and all of the scanners and tabulators were brought to the warehouse from State Farm Arena. Thorne estimated there were about 50 tabulator/scanners altogether. She said there was little supervision, real ballots were mixed in with test ballots and anyone that wanted to empty a tabulator/scanner could walk over and do so. There were suitcases left unattended, and people were emptying the tabulator scanners into them.

Thorne recalls that on Saturday, the day after all these ballots came in from early voting, poll techs were bringing her ballots to her off the floor, saying they didn’t know if they were real or test ballots. Since she wasn’t sure either, they had no other option but to throw them away. And Thorne said she had a pretty good feeling there were a lot of ballots being thrown out, since she remembers opening one of the suitcases filled with ballots and there was a stack about 8 inches thick. She said when poll techs were printing ballots, “we made mistakes [sometimes], but we didn’t make that many mistakes [that would account for such a thick stack of throwaway ballots in the suitcase].”

One situation that left Thorney particularly alarmed, and to which she signed an affidavit on November 1 2020, was when she observed Mike Prendergast, an official from Elections Group, at her station printing test ballots incorrectly. Thorne went into great detail describing everything she saw. “I’m halfway through printing test decks and I’m looking over at Mike Prendergast thinking that he should be done,” Thorne explains. “And as I’m watching him I’m thinking, he is not printing test ballots. Because when you print a test ballot, when you get to the fifth one, you can go directly to that Senate race, vote and hit print. And I could tell he was going all the way through the ballot.”

When Thorne noticed this, she at first assumed Prendergast didn’t know how to correctly print test ballots, even though he had been sitting next to Olimo, who trains everyone on how to do it. “So I’m showing him how to print test ballots and he said ‘Does that mean I have to vote for Donald Trump?’ And I said, ‘Yes, you have to vote for Donald Trump [to correctly print the test ballot],’ and he did, like, one more ballot and said he had to go.”

That day, after Thorne finished up what she was doing and left the warehouse for the day, she drove home feeling unusually disturbed. “I’m thinking, ok, something’s not right here,” Bridget recalls. “Why is [Prendergast] printing ballots, and he’s sitting next to Dominique who trains everyone and he’s not doing it correctly. And the fact that I asked everyone before I left and they all knew I did test ballots [as part of her poll tech role], something just didn’t add up, and I had this really sick feeling.”

And yet even though Thorne was told her claims would be investigated, no action has been taken yet to look into what Prendergast was doing that day and why. “And to this day, I’ve been trying to get that investigation,” quipped Thorne. “And I made a public comment the next time [at the election board meeting] that maybe they [Fulton County election officials] need to have a standard operation procedure where, if someone makes an accusation of potential fraud, you maybe want to first talk to that person when you investigate, and secondly you may not want to fire them.”

And circling back to the other whistleblower: Thorne’s peer Suzie Boyle. Thorne brought up the fact that Senator Elena Parent tried to brush off Boyle’s concerns over pristine ballots, which was mentioned when Boyle testified at the WCC during the December 2020 General Assembly hearing. Parent’s explanation for the pristine condition of the ballots was that when military members send their ballots from overseas, they get damaged in the mail and must be re-created.

“Well the problem is, there’s videos from poll watchers and in Fulton County, they did the military ballots on the BMDs, so they look nothing like absentee ballots [which Parent referred to],” Thorne pointed out. “So to this day, there should be no explanation as to why there are pristine ballots in our election process. They won’t correct it.”

It’s important to note that while these two whistleblowers were immediately reprimanded for doing the right thing, Fulton County has yet to take any known action against the election workers and supervisors that were responsible for the alleged illegal scanning of thousands of ballots on Election night, after telling election monitors and media representatives that the scanning of ballots would end at 10:30 pm. This caused concern among many Americans, after the scanning of these ballots was caught on videotape and revealed to most of the country to see. What has really pushed such a large part of the American population to push for this situation to be investigated is that only a half an hour after the workers scanned the potentially fraudulent ballots, an election line feed showed a 100,000+ vote spike for Joe Biden, which then put Biden ahead as the winner in the Georgia presidential race.

Also present on the livestream on Cann Con’s channel was investigative reporter Kevin Moncla, who has filed multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to retrieve various documentation that can show whether certain procedures were indeed completed prior to or during the 2020 election. One of the most notable discoveries had to do with Pro V&V, the firm that was chosen by Georgia Secretary of State to audit the Dominion voting machines used in the audit of the  chose by Maricopa County to audit the machines for the audit of the election that took place in November of 2020. Back in January 2021, the Gateway Pundit did some painstaking detective work following a paper trail of website documents. After connecting the dots, Gateway Pundit discovered that Pro V&V, which was also previously chosen to perform an audit of the Dominion machines for Maricopa County, was not in fact EAC certified as Maricopa County officials had claimed. So it follows that since Pro V&V was not EAC certified at the time, the audit that took place in Georgia in November 2020 was also done performed by a certified auditor.

This is particularly concerning because in Georgia there was a battle in federal court prior to the election about possible software manipulation that could have resulted from an update performed by a Dominion employee. This followed a discrepancy that was discovered that altered the way the Senate rows appeared on the ballots. The end result of this court battle was that Judge Amy Totenberg determined that the software change was not done by the book, since Dominion was supposed to get the software change EAC certified at a laboratory before installing it. But since they were only days away from the election at that point, the judge simply deferred the to Secretary of State Raffensperger to submit the software change to a laboratory to test the software and make sure it’s up to standards.

After retrieving 3 documents following the FOIA request in July 2021, which included an email from Pro V&V’s owner Jack Cobb, made to appear as though it was sent before the 2020 election, but Gateway Pundit proved the actual date the email was sent on “Friday July 16 2020.” The second document was an email that was supposed to be from the Secretary of State’s office approving the work performed by Pro V&V. The third document was alleged to be the field audit results from Pro V&V. This document was six pages long, filled mostly with voting system terminology definitions and information about machine components. The problem with that memo was that that the report itself said that six counties had their machine components tested, and the memo outlining the report stated that there were machine components tested in four different locations. The conclusion that Gateway Pundit came to based on these documents was that only a few of the Dominion machines were looked at by Pro V&V, and they did not examine any of the ballots. Later, on, Pro V&V admitted they just signed off on what was said in the report produced from the Secretary of State’s office.

For Georgia, the above findings and testimony are only the beginning. To summarize the rest of the interview, below are some other points of concern raised by Thorne and Montcla:

· 255 Members of the ACLU were hired to work as absentee clerks.

· Many people that were not Fulton County officials had access to the election systems which gave them power to potentially manipulate votes.

· Following the COVID outbreak, techs were hired by Dominion to perform L&A testing at the English street warehouse for $2,000 per person per day, and that rate went up to $5,000 on Election Day (evidence of this was produced by other FOIA requests).

· An invoice for 1.1 million emergency and provisional ballots ordered by Fulton County labeled as having “no stub” (the purpose of the stubs is to provide accountability regarding which ballots were used and unused), also a result of evidence provided by a FOIA request. Since Thorne and others were told that there were no emergency or provisional ballots available, it’s unclear where these ballots went and what they were used for.

In Delaware County, PA, It’s the Coverup That Gets You

There was also some rather explosive evidence that just came out of Delaware County, Pennsylvania last week. What’s interesting, though, is the most damning part of evidence of election fraud in the actual videotapes and documents requested: the attempts by government officials that were caught trying to coverup the existing evidence. This situation is one that really brings home the meaning of the term “it’s the cover up that gets you.”

In the Spring of 2021, a Right-to-Know Request (FOIA) was filed for the return sheets and voting machine tapes for all of Delaware County. And this is when the alleged coverup began. An unnamed whistleblower managed to capture several Delaware County election officials on videotape destroying evidence. On camera, these officials - which include Director of Election Operations for Delaware County James Allen, Chief Custodian and Voting Machine Warehouse Supervisor Jim Savage, Delaware County lawyer Tom Gallagher and James Ziegelhoffer, aka “Ziggy,” whose title is “Judge of Election” for the Western Precinct in the Media Borough - can be seen and heard saying and doing a range of suspicious things including:

· In a conversation between Allen and Savage:

Allen: “Then get rid of the pads and the second scanners.”

Savage: “We can’t talk about it anymore.”

Allen: “Why?”

Savage: “It’s a felony.”

· In another conversation between Allen and Savage, where they are conspiring to create a second set of records for future FOIA requests:

Savage: “I’ve decided to re-create it…(crosstalk) re-create it by hand.”

Allen: “Re-create one for these jokers right? And then create another set for the next set of jokers, but we cut it up…and then we create a permanent record that we always be like, here ya go!”

· In a conversation between Ziggy and Gallagher, as they are seen destroying voting machine proof tapes, along with other records from the 2020 election:

Whistleblower: “Tom, why do you have to rip it up? Makes you feel better?”

Gallagher: “At this point, I don’t want anybody to pick it up, and thinking we threw stuff away.”

Ziggy: “We’re gonna have a little campfire going.”

The Federalist reported that along with the videos, which were provided by a source close to the lawsuit, there was a 91-page complaint that laid out a litany of allegations from the plaintiffs regarding alarming behaviors and events they witnessed during the 2020 election. The plaintiffs include several Delaware County residents: Leah Hoopes, Gregory Stenstrom, Ruth Moton and the Friends of Ruth Moton campaign. The allegations included a comprehensive account of a variety of situations where election law appeared to be broken, along with claims of a conspiracy following the 2020 election to hide these transgressions.

In a video from Election Investigation Law, Hoopes, Stenstrom and the unidentified whistleblower discuss some of the problems they saw that led them to file the lawsuit. Hoopes, a Bethel Township Committee woman, recalled that “The scanner was reversing ballots. It was reversing, I would say, at least…uh…like anywhere between 50 and 70 votes.” Hoopes said this was the rate of ballot reversal within the first hour, and continued throughout the whole day. The person responsible for issues with the voting equipment was the Voting Machine Warehouse Supervisor, James Savage, who was one of the officials identified above in the videos showing the alleged coverup. “He arrived to our precinct about 2 and a half hours after we opened,” Hoopes recounts. “And he told us that the ballot bar codes were deformed. When he arrived he arrived with three other gentlemen, and when they arrived at the poll to try to address the situation, he did not troubleshoot anything, he just made a statement and he did not replace anything. And there was no work done on any of the scanners.”

In the video, Hoopes then goes on to explain how she witnessed Savage on November 5, 2020 walk into the counting center by himself. He then stepped into the back room, and when he came back out he was holding several VDrives (which contain a record of the ballots cast). “…and I had watched him stand over top a gentleman with a blue, light blue shirt on. He had asked him to log into the computer system which was the tabulation area. And that’s when Jim Savage was plugging vDrives into the computer.”

Witness Gregory Stenstrom corroborates Hoopes’ account of watching Savage plugging the VDrives into the computer. “I watched him. I testified to it. It’s just clear. It flipped the vote by 50,000 votes.” And the whistleblower observed some other concerning behavior on Stenstrom’s part. “During the training, Jim Savage held up in his hand a fairly large vDrive key. And he said ‘this is extremely important. This controls all the votes. This is how the machine runs this. You can change an election with this.” And concerns over Savage’s behavior were intensified even more since he has been a lifelong Democrat that has worked for lawmakers such as Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders, and he once stated on social media that all he wanted for Christmas was “Donald Trump in handcuffs.”

In the Election Investigation Law video, Stenstrom and the whistleblower also express their concerns over the large-scale lack of completed return sheets. “A return sheet in Pennsylvania tells you that you received X amount of blank provisional ballots…actual ballots…how many spoiled ballots that you have…and then all of the numbers add up and just like a checkbook, everything has to add up,” explains the whistleblower. “And out of 428 precincts, over 200 did not fill out their return sheet or properly fill out their return sheet.” Stenstrom refers to return sheets as “the ground truth for what happened in the election,” and confirms the whistleblower’s claims. “They lied under oath and they certified a vote that they knew was fraudulent.”

The Pendulum of Justice Starts Swinging in Wisconsin

But after a year of Americans watching irrefutable data documenting election fraud disappear into the quicksands of Big Tech and the mainstream media, recent arrests may indicate the inevitable pendulum swing back to justice. On November 25, 2021, criminal charges have just been filed against election officials for election fraud and misconduct in Wisconsin, another battleground state where Biden won by just over 20,000 votes. In October, Townhall.comreported that the Racine County Sheriff’s office reported eight cases of election fraud that occurred at a nursing home. The investigation was prompted by a woman was astonished and disturbed to discover that her elderly mother, who had been experiencing significant psychological deterioration and confusion before passing away in October 2020, had somehow managed to vote in the 2020 election.

So, how on earth could something like this happen? A pattern seems to be appearing in these swing states. The Wisconsin Elections Commission was advising cities throughout the state to stop requiring “Special Voting Deputies” to come to their nursing homes. Once again this was a situation where laws were completely disregarded, using COVID-19 as an excuse. To ensure that any senior citizens unable to vote in person get the chance to cast an absentee ballot, Wisconsin law requires Special Voting Deputies, which usually include one Republican volunteer and one Democrat volunteer, to be present to ensure that any senior citizen unable to vote in person gets the chance to cast an absentee ballot. Instead, the WEC agreed to allow mail-in ballots, and the Ridgewood Care Facility had their staff help the nursing home residents vote based on their past voting preferences.

According to Just the News, Margaret Bostelmann, Julie Glancey, Ann Jacobs, Dean Knudson, and Mark Thomsen, all members of the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC), are facing two felonies and three misdemeanors each. News of these arrests show that when others look the way, as the attorney general allegedly did in Wisconsin, there are still people willing to advocate for the rights of people being manipulated by the system, as these elderly nursing home residents were. This should give doubting Americans some hope that, though lasting change does not happen overnight, the push for nationwide election audits and exposure of the truth about the 2020 election is far from over.

For those that think Patriots need to “get over the election and move on,” they may be unaware that these attempts to thwart exposure of what is really happening are going in one Patriot ear and out the other. “How long am I going to fight? I am going to do this as long as I can,” says Professor Clements. Jamie Sheffield from Audit the Vote PA expressed at the October 16 event that “They [the corrupt government administration, Big Tech, the media] aren’t going to stop. Why should we?”

Clements encouraged Patriots at the event to keep fighting, saying “This is the enemy trying to break you. We aren’t in this war so someone can lose their spine at the last minute.” And Clements knows how hard it can be to keep fighting. He lost his job because he refuses to bend and break to expectations that he should receive vaccinations he doesn’t want, and support false narratives about what really happened with the election, January 6 and just about every event since 2016 involving President Trump and his supporters.

When the Trumpet Sounds: Listen to the Message, not the Messenger

The nationwide movement for election audits and efforts to expose election fraud and various other forms of corruption that have festered and grown while Americans looked the other way is not about President Trump. It’s about taking our country back and ensuring a foundation of lasting change for America. Think whatever you want about Trump, there comes a time where everyone must follow the saying “Listen to the message, not the messenger.” The fact is, Trump’s insights and predictions this past year have had a habit of coming to pass.

And what does he think is the next step will be in the slow death of so many narratives purported by government officials, Big Tech and the mainstream media? “The Unselect Committee issued a subpoena to Bernie Kerik, an American Patriot and great former Police Commissioner of New York City, for its Jan. 6th Witch Hunt, but didn’t realize what they were demanding is a massive trove of evidence of Voter Fraud,” Trump said. “According to Bernie’s lawyer, these documents show significant indicators of fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, but have remained hidden from the public. It is exactly what the Unselect Committee should be interested in — if this was a real investigation.”

Trump added: “Bernie wants to comply with the subpoena with a public hearing, and asked me to waive attorney-client privilege so Bernie can testify and provide documents, which I grant him. The Unselect Committee will not like what they asked for!”

Few people like to consider the very real possibility that Trump willingly and knowingly stepped in long ago to be the scapegoat of the mainstream media long ago. British broadcaster and former politician that led the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage entertained this idea a bit in an interview with President Trump this past Wednesday:

"Why would a man who's got all the things you've got — great family, wonderful life, you're fit, you're looking fit— why on earth would you consider going back into that hell again?" Farage asked Trump. And this was Trump’s response: "So I love our country [...] If you love the country you have no choice. It's not a question, this is a wonderful beautiful life. But I liked that too because I was helping people. That's why I did it. And I think you'll be happy in the future too."


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